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Greetings Beautiful Souls and welcome to Ask Coach Viv!

Over the course of the next few weeks and months, we will provide answers to a series of questions we received from our guests who attended the November 11, 2018 Forum on: The Prescription for World Peace – It Starts with You.

The questions and the responses will be posted on my website and will be found in my blog posts, Facebook and when appropriate, on LinkedIn. Since all questions were submitted anonymously, the responses will be sent to all forum participants as well as to other Beautiful Souls who are members of my “tribe”.

Some of our posted content will also be discussed during a live chat with Coach Viv covering a particular question or topic. Check the website to see the date and time for these live chats. I welcome your participation and comments.

I invite everyone to contact me if you have any questions or require additional information or support. Please feel free to comment on any response you receive. In addition, we offer a variety of private and group coaching packages for your convenience. We are also preparing a series of online and video classes to help each of you discover and define your path to living life abundantly in body, mind and spirit. Remember! You will take this journey by yourself, but you will never be alone! We are all in this together. I AM HERE!

I encourage you to keep the questions and comments flowing. You never know who you are helping in the process. Please check our calendar to find out where we will appear next in delivering our message of how we can heal our planet by first achieving personal inner peace and balance. Charity starts at home and then spreads abroad! Love to All!

Abundantly yours,
Abundant Life Coach Vivian
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Questions for Coach Viv

How do you define “PTSD”?

What is this “eternal light” that you say everyone possesses and how come I don’t see it in myself or others?
The grave of JFK has a flame that is lit all the time. Propane keeps the flame burning and it never goes out. Though the rain may drench the earth, the sleet and snow may cover the ground, the flame still burns brightly and is always visible. It is said to be an ‘eternal flame’!
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How can I find happiness?

When people say they feel FINE, what do they really mean (Frantic, insecure, neurotic, emotional)?

Where does one start on the road to self-acceptance?

How do you know your purpose in life…when you know that you are supposed to do more and feel life is at a standstill?

I am still sad over my divorce, and it was my choice. How do I let go of that choice I made and move on with a happy heart?

Any advice for quieting the negative voices in your head?

How do you maintain inner peace without feeling at times that you are losing your grasp on it?

You mentioned self-care and although it’s a popular term it seems it’s challenging for the older generation (68+) to apply that to themselves when they are so stuck on helping others even though they need help. What are your thoughts, advice or support for this?

Although people crave freedom what do you think stops them from being free?

Where does your confidence come from?

How does being overweight have to do with living in fear?

Worry and anxiety are killing my dreams, how do I deal?

What was the scariest part of transitioning from a place of scarcity to abundance?

How did your upbringing (childhood / traditions / etc.) help and hurt your path of freedom?

Can you define love? How can you say you love me but you show me no respect?

What can I do to find my inner peace?

What motivates you to keep trying and growing?