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We are co-creators with that which we call “God.” Many call this infinite consciousness by different names. The name matters not. What matters most is that you awaken to the fact that you are a physical extension of this infinite consciousness. As we expand and become more, so does God! Be still and re-learn who you really are.

The seeds of your soul are rooted in faith. Let Vivian assist you as you reaffirm your own divinity, understand your importance in the universe and strengthen your relationship with God.

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We recommend the following to help you with your spiritual growth:

The Courage to Walk Away- My Journey To Spiritual Freedom:

This book chronicles Vivian’s own personal story and shares the challenges and triumphs she faced and how she found the strength to walk away from damaging misconceptions and the obstacles that held her back from real happiness. Join her on this journey and learn for yourself how to find the truth and joy in your life that will set you free.