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Everyday we have a choice to be happy. Some days this is easier than others. For those that want to find greater meaning and joy in their own lives, Vivian offers one to one and group coaching to empower her clients to strive for greater personal growth and development.

In her Abundant Life Coaching, Vivian helps her clients remove the obstacles that stand between them and the goals and success they want to achieve. This applies to any goal or growth area that a client wants to experience including educational development, weight loss, finding the right partner, building stronger relationships with your children, your spouse, your family, your church, giving life to a new idea, starting your own business, relieving anxiety, and re-energizing your life to name a few.

To contact Vivian regarding your own journey towards a more joyful, abundant life with greater personal growth:
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The Courage to Walk Away- My Journey To Spiritual Freedom:

This book chronicles Vivian’s own personal story and shares the challenges and triumphs she faced and how she found the strength to walk away from damaging misconceptions and the obstacles that held her back from real happiness. Join her on this journey and learn for yourself how to find the truth and joy in your life that will set you free.