The grave of JFK has a flame that is lit all the time. Propane keeps the flame burning and it never goes out. Though the rain may drench the earth, the sleet and snow may cover the ground, the flame still burns brightly and is always visible. It is said to be an ‘eternal flame’!

Similarly, every human being also has an ‘eternal flame,’ a light that shines from within. However, most are unaware and cannot see this light that shines from within the core of their being. To be aware means ‘to see’ not with the physical eye, but with the spiritual (intuitive) eye. Some call this spiritual eye the ‘third eye.’ Regardless of the name, awareness of this eternal light lies dormant and invisible because most people are distracted by the drama and challenges of life.

So, what are some things that can ‘hide’ the light? Trauma may block awareness of the life-giving, healing flame. Anger or resentment can shroud awareness of the light. Persistent social or emotional distresses and practiced negative emotions can also cover the light so that its radiance is obscured. However, the good news is, even if one ‘puts their light under a bushel,’ or ‘close the door to the light,’ it will still shine beneath the concealment and radiate from behind the closed door. No matter what is done to block the light, it will still shine, for this light is also eternal and can never be extinguished no matter the storms that rage in one’s life.

Just as propane fuels the flame of JFK’s grave, unconditional love fuels the eternal light in every Soul. The Source of the light is eternal. In fact, the light is love and that love is what you really are. We are all children of the Light. Our intrinsic nature is light from the Eternal Source. Remember: “Ye are the Light of the world!” Isn’t that good to know? If life challenges obstruct your view or awareness of your intrinsic nature of Light and Love, rest assured that the Light still shines, as its existence is not dependent upon your awareness of it.

So, wake up! Open yourself to unconditional love and conscious awareness so you can ‘see clearly’ now! Take ownership of your true nature and Let Your Light Shine so that you might remember who you really are.

Abundantly yours, Coach Viv,
Vivian C. Hardison, BS, CPC, MA / /