The pandemic upheaval that COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) is causing around the world reminds me of a process in chemistry called the Crucible Effect. The Crucible Effect is a purification process for reducing a substance to its purest form or element. It requires very high temperatures to complete the process. The contaminated substance literally 'goes through the fire' in order to remove all impurities. The resulting product returns to its beautiful, natural state.

I felt like I was being ‘purified with fire’ over the past few months as I struggled to move through some critical decisions that have ultimately led to more clarity regarding my passion to help Write the Prescription for World Peace, one precious soul at a time. It was fear that caused the struggle.  Once I became curious instead of fearful, the decision was easy.  I immediately felt relief and sweet joy! Inner peace was the outcome! Clarity was my prize! My perspective changed and so did my life! I know now that if I can find the answer, so can you.

It is my belief that until each individual aligns with his intrinsic state of inner peace and balance, no one can permanently end conflict between nations or persons, neither can he end poverty nor heal the planet. Sometimes, it takes a crisis to get our attention. Remember 911? People changed even if only for a few days, weeks or months. We saw what was possible. Perhaps now, it is time we find out how we can complete the metamorphosis into the mature, loving, compassionate and creative being we were born to be.  It is possible.

The great physicist, Albert Einstein stated that “Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want [or don’t want] and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way…”  Since Einstein’s premise has been proven to be true, can we thus conclude that all events and experiences are caused by the thoughts [which are also energy forms], patterns and behaviors of the masses?  Are we responsible for this current pandemic that is paralyzing the globe? How have our thoughts and behavior helped or hurt ourselves or others? What do we need to do to finally achieve inner peace and emotional balance?  Afterall, it is our birthright! Please, give these questions some serious consideration.

All crises call for change!  Things must change if we are to recover and thrive. Sometimes it takes traumatic events to stimulate genuine change. Life is not static! Change is inevitable! We must be the agent of the type change we wish to see in the world, first internally with how we think and see ourselves, then with others and the world.  It is possible to purify our thoughts.
Make no mistake!  When we change our perspective, we change our behavior.  Then, according to the Universal law of cause and effect, everything else will change, too.

Abundantly Yours,
Coach Viv

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