The ever-present, domineering EGO!  We all have one.  We were born with it.  Yes, the EGO is an ‘it.’  It is neither male nor female and blends seamlessly with both sexes.

The EGO provides a sense of basic human awareness of your sentient, physical presence on earth.  It’s what gives you an awareness of being physical by using the 5 basic senses (touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell) of the human body in perceiving and having life experiences in time and space.  The EGO is your limited concept of yourself.  For example, you may conceive yourself to be rich, poor, intelligent, male, female, young or old.  This limited self-concept is made possible compliments of the EGO.

The EGO’s original role was to keep you from danger and to keep you safe from falling off cliffs or being eaten by predators, including T-Rex, if he happens to be in the neighborhood.  The EGO is grounded in FEAR-based emotions, such as worry, anxiety, anger, revenge, jealousy, envy, suspicion, rage, hatred, and the like.  Today, the EGO is worn mostly as a social mask, limiting and shielding one’s conscious connection to the true, higher, natural state of being.

The EGO is designed to be selfishly oriented and to be only concerned about self-preservation, self-protection and winning, sometimes even to the detriment or others.  It operates out of perceived risks, perceived dangers, real and imaginary, which are all driven by the emotion of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).

The EGO dominates in the absence of higher self-awareness. Higher self-awareness is sometimes referred to as higher spiritual awareness or the higher self.  The EGO reigns supreme where there is a lack of self-appreciation (unconditional love), compassion, joy and kindness.  The EGO is critical of the self, and of others.  It is judgmental, divisive, controlling, narrow in its perspectives, rigid, dogmatic, hesitant, reserved at times, can be self-destructive, lacks awareness and appreciation of the true higher self, and lacks genuine empathy for others.

Individuals who are strongly EGO-driven can be rude, crude, manipulative, cunning, blames others, can often be insensitive towards others, and will make decisions that can be harmful to others.  Again, its primary orientation is in Fear-based emotions and not Love-based emotions.

Because the energy of the EGO is Fear-based, it resonates at a lower frequency than Love-based emotions.  As such, the EGO can block one’s access to knowing how to live from a place of self-respect and self-appreciation which always nurtures the whole person (body, mind and spirit).

Meditation has the power to change this lower awareness into higher awareness by raising one’s energy to resonate at a higher frequency of self-appreciation, compassion and inner peace.

Meditation quiets the noisy mind by over-riding the tendencies of the EGO that Edged God Out of the equation of experiencing higher, loving, supportive emotions.  Meditation lets God in through the portal of self-appreciation, compassion and kindness.

Over time and with regular practice, meditation will tame the deceptive EGO so that you can hear your true ‘inner self’ remind you that: you are worthy; you are good; you are enough; you are abundant, powerful and all really is well.  It is your birthright to live your highest good and to live in appreciation of who and what you really are.

Remember, Life Is Supposed to Feel Good!

Abundantly yours, Coach Viv,
Vivian C. Hardison, BS, CPC, MA / /