How many of you remember the lyrics to the song: ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’?  In case your memory fails you, it goes like this:  Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream!  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily! Life is but a dream!

Sounds familiar now?  Great!  Have you ever given any thought to the meaning behind the lyrics?  Essentially, this song sums up just how one can have a rich, joyful, and peaceful life.  It also reminds us that the life we experience is our own creation that we dreamed up and not someone else. Life’s a journey, a kind of adventure that each one of us decided to take. You are a Powerful Creator!  You may have forgotten that. All creation takes place through your mind’s eye, your thoughts and feelings. This natural law has been removed from or hidden in most contemporary writings. It abounds in ancient texts. How you perceive this journey will be your experience. If your perspective is limited, negative, one of scarcity and lack, then that will be your experience.  Life experiences will not be fun for you.  You will not have any lasting peace, joy or abundance.  You are essentially living life ‘upstream’, rowing against the Flow of Life.  On the other hand, if your perspective is one of love, joy, peace, acceptance, openness, abundance and filled with endless possibilities, then your life experiences will mirror this perspective.  You are having a good time living life ‘downstream’ rowing with Ease and Flow of Life.  It can be no other way, for this is a natural law!

Know this!  Everything you want is ‘downstream!’  Nothing you want is upstream! How is this so, you ask?  Everything is energy and thus has a frequency.  Things that resonate at a high frequency have no resistance.  Love, peace, joy, openness, compassion and abundance all have high frequencies of energy.  These attributes move gently, easily down the stream of life. On the other hand, negative emotions like hatred, judgement, scarcity, lack, greed and depression resonate at a lower energy and lower frequency and have lots of resistance.  This is comparable to rowing your boat upstream against the current, where there is lots of resistance.  You end up working too hard, too long for too little! Your life becomes a vicious cycle of disappointments! You get sick, then you die!

So, why not ‘go with the flow’ so that all good things that you are wanting for your highest good will flow easily to you.   Remember: Hatred is upstream. Love is downstream. Scarcity is upstream.  Abundance is downstream. Fear is upstream.  Courage is downstream.  Stress is upstream.  Peace is downstream.  You get to choose how you row your boat in this life’s journey. Consciously choose how you want to live!

Remember, Life is Supposed to Feel Good!

Abundantly yours, Coach Viv,
Vivian C. Hardison, BS, CPC, MA / /

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