It’s that time of the year again when millions of determined individuals embark upon the ritual of making those passionately drafted ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ to make certain lifestyle changes such as to lose weight, stop smoking, break up with a partner or spouse, find a new partner, go back to school, or change some other old habit. Some even build vision boards or create elaborate monthly strategies to ensure the probability of success. This is not a bad thing. After all, everyone could benefit from having a fresh start each new year to invigorate this life’s journey. Resolutions can be a really ‘good thing’ especially when they work and are maintained four, five, seven and even eight months after making the resolution!

Yet, why do so many of us ‘fall off the wagon’ before the end of the year, failing to sustain our goals? There are probably hundreds of reasons for failure. What I have noticed from some of the individuals I have worked with is that either they did not know, or they forgot to consider the power of one fundamental natural law that drives outcomes. That law is the Law of Thought. This law says: Your thoughts shape your life experiences. Whatever you deeply believe about yourself will always be reflected in your life experiences. No Exceptions! Thoughts are creative, and they define life experiences. Remember the sequence of the creative process outlined in my book: The Benefits of Daily Meditation- -Restoring Inner Peace & Balance, page 34:

Thoughts (self-talk) lead to Beliefs (thoughts you keep thinking), Beliefs lead to Feelings, Feelings lead to Spoken Words, Spoken Words lead to Action, Action leads to Habits (things you do all the time, and Habits lead to Life Experiences (lifestyle).

In order to have any lasting change (be it physical, mental or spiritual), one must first focus on changing the thinking process, as this is where change emanates. When the thinking changes, so does everything else change in the experience. This is a powerful natural law that cannot be altered by human intervention.

So, instead of focusing on setting your usual New Year’s Resolutions like losing weight, or going back to school, include in your list of resolutions the goal of learning more about how your thoughts create your reality and how you can learn to take conscious control over what you think about. As Judge Thomas Troward stated, know that “your mind is the center of divine operation” and that “the divine operation is always for the expansion and fuller expression” and “production of something new and greater” than what has existed in your past experiences. Life is for you not against you and it will present suitable conditions that support your deepest desires that bring inner peace, balance and abundance, all in due course and in an orderly sequence of your own spiritual growth–your Goals for the Soul.

Each day, when you rise in the morning, say confidently to yourself: “My mind is the Center of Powerful Creative Energy! Today, I will show kindness to me and to my neighbor! I will find at least three things to appreciate before I go on my way. I will ask the Universe these three questions: How Can I Grow Today? What Can I Give Today? What Can I Appreciate Today?” When you feel sad, anxious, frustrated or impatient, go outside, take some deep breaths and Just Breathe, Just Breathe, Just Breathe! Take in 10 deep breaths as this will open you up to better feelings and experiences that will contribute to the wellbeing of yourself and others.

Make these new activities a part of your daily routine as your most important New Year’s Resolution for your Soul!

Abundantly yours, Coach Viv,
Vivian C. Hardison, BS, CPC, MA / /