It is impossible to feel and experience the love that God, Source, Jesus, Buddha, Bubba [matters not what you call this Infinite Intelligence] has for you, if you feel unworthy.

You were not born feeling or believing you were unworthy. You were taught this by well-meaning people. If you feel humble [yes, humble], or anxious, or nervous, doubtful, judgmental, unhappy, depressed or pessimistic, discouraged, angry, etc., all these negative feelings are contrary to the feeling of love, to worthiness and to God.

God is not unworthy, or unhappy, or pessimistic, or discouraged or depressed or any of the other negative emotions. God is Love and each of us came from Love, from God. We are the physical extension of God, the physical representation of God, Source, Jesus, Buddha, Bubba, Infinite Intelligence! We are Liquid Love! We are God expressed in the physical!

Most have forgotten who they really are! Thus, most cannot embrace the notion that they, too are divinity. Most think they are physical beings having an occasional spiritual experience when they go to church. The fact is, we are spiritual beings have a temporary physical experience on planet earth. When this physical life is over, we return to our non-physical state as eternal beings knowing who and what we really are!

God is Love! So are you! Feelings of Love and the feeling of unworthiness cannot co-exist. It isn’t grace that God has for you, for Grace implies ‘unworthiness.’ God has unconditional love for you, always has and always will! If what you believe and practice does not make you feel worthy, then have the courage to walk away from it, for it serves you not! Remember again, who you really are!

Remember, Life is Supposed to Feel Good!

Abundantly yours, Coach Viv,
Vivian C. Hardison, BS, CPC, MA / /

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