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(NY): 516-563-1726 (CT): 203-590-3998
Vivian Hardison is an entrepreneur, certified professional coach, teacher, mentor, lover of life and all things wholesome. She is fun, engaging, and passionate about personal growth and leadership in all areas of life. Her mantra is “Life Is Supposed to Feel Good!” She believes in living life on purpose instead of vicariously. Vivian has a simple yet powerful method for ending poverty, healing the planet, and achieving world peace that no peace treaty could ever do alone. She holds the prescription to achieving World Peace! It starts with the individual. As you align with the highest intrinsic good, starting with self-love and appreciation, follow your passion, and obey the natural laws that govern the universe, you can have, do, and be anything you want. Vivian knows this for certain and she embodies living life more abundantly.