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THE BENEFITS OF DAILY MEDITATION - - Restoring Inner Peace and Balance

How are things going for your life today? Do you feel cheated, hurt, confused, or trapped? Are you tired, worried, unclear or unfulfilled? Are you angry or depressed? Do you feel alone or alienated? Are you still struggling in life personally, professionally or spiritually? Are any of your children having social-emotional challenges? Is anyone being bullied? Is anyone behaving as a bully? Do any of these scenarios, ring true for you? If so, this book, The Benefits of Daily Meditation – Restoring Inner Peace & Balance was written for you.

Some people want fame and fortune, but it eludes them. Some want to find their soul mate, but they keep getting into abusive or dysfunctional relationships. Others want to retire well or just simply retire because they are so tired of the work they do. Many are unhappy, sick and lack energy and interest in life. Nearly all people want to live well and be physically, mentally and emotionally pain free. If any of these conditions are familiar to you, then this book was written to help you transcend unwanted states in your life.

We continue to wrestle with demons that have plagued us since we were 13 years old. Inner conflict and questions abound. We seek answers to those tough soul-searching questions such as: “Who am I?” Why am I here?” What is my purpose in life?” “Why can’t I find happiness and have a rich life?” Some keep asking: “What is wrong with me?” Intrinsically and unconsciously, we all seek connection and reunion with the divine, with that higher state of unconditional love and well-being disguised as spiritual growth and higher conscious awareness.

No matter who you are or where you are in your life journey, you can achieve the happiness and inner peace you seek with a regular practice of meditation. This simple book: The Benefits of Daily Meditation – Restoring Inner Peace & Balance, has the recipe for making permanent life transformations and for restoring your natural state of well-being. Inner peace comes from inner connectiveness that is achieved through meditation. We all have an inner path, a doorway to wholeness and abundance in body, mind and spirit. Nurture your inner world, and conditions in your outer world will mirror those changes.

The Benefits of Daily Meditation – Restoring Inner Peace & Balance will show you how life is calling you to open up so that you can experience life the way it was intended: richly, creatively, intuitively, joyfully, purposefully and passionately. Discover how you can take responsibility for your personal growth and development. Enthusiastically live from a place of power, for this book reveals how you can live life on purpose instead of vicariously.

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